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Employment and immigration services for London

We provide specialist employment and immigration services to those in need. We are based in Romford and provide these services to the London area and beyond. If you need help with your visa application or with an employment dispute then get in touch. We are expert employment and immigration lawyers with years of experience that we use to help you.

We take you through the whole process; from the assessment of your case, completion of your application and advice on documentation and evidence being submitted to the booking of your fast track services. We also offer specialist services in the following area; PBS: Tier 1, 2, 4 & 5; British Citizenship; EEA & family and partner.

Expert immigration services

We are experienced employment lawyers and can aid you in any area of employment. You may want to restructure your business contract, or have a work dispute to settle. Whatever the issue, we can provide you with a specialist service with transparent fees.

Employment lawyers for all your working needs


We use our knowledge to bring solutions to your immigration challenges.

01708 388 275

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